Cody Humpwhistle has a below average IQ, join him as he tries to understand what's happening with linux and crypto currencies.

Cody's Linux'n Crypto Podcast

Subject: What can we learn from Big Donny T


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Cody's Linux'n Crypto Podcast

Subject: Login to MacOS High Sierra as root, by hitting ENTER twice. No really... Content: . about 18 hours after the bug was widely publicized, Apple announced a security update to High Sierra designed to fix the "root" flaw . some login logic with disabled accounts NASDAQ bitcoin ...

Cody's Linux'n Crypto Podcast

Subject: Subject: I'm a lazy bastard Content: Don't download scripts to test "bash scanner", and run them on a server than contains ANY information you're not happy sharing with the world. I did, don't be me. | crap, too verbose - Sponsor: Goal: 50 subscribers One ...

Cody's Linux'n Crypto Podcast

Subject: How to: Make $300 million worth of Etherum, disappear in a poof of smoke Content: Same guys that we talked about in: - zmg fail boat Sub Content: Is your PC being used to mine crypto behind your back? Crypto-coin miners caught toiling away in hacked ...

Cody's Linux'n Crypto Podcast

cat'ing out server roles, header buffer killing protocol standards I made love to my wife for an hour and 5 minutes last night... thanks daylight savings time! if [[ $- == *i* ]] then         tmux new-session -A -s main         cat ~/server_roles.txt fi

Cody's Linux'n Crypto

It's a KRACK'er! - Let's sort this wifi stuff out As you are aware, there's a major WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II) security vulnerability in the wild, affecting virtually any device or operating system that uses the security protocol, including all GNU/Linux distributions. URL: The recent KRACK vulnerability ...

Cody's Cash, Tech and Security Podcast

^IRS Tracking Coins | Wannacry Withdraw but then wanna cry withdrew their money through a similar service and then converted into monroe.....
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